Frequently Asked Questions

We can ship Geizeer all over the world.

Yes, you can use it while the usb cable is plugged in.

While the device is charging, the USB cable led turns RED. When the cable led will turns BLUE, it will means the device is fully charged. Please, make you sure the cable turns RED every time you plug in it into the usb port for the charge, after you used the device. If it doesn’t turn RED, it means you didn’t plug in it correctly, so please, try again.

Yes, but we suggested you to use solid perfumes, and to check that they aren’t toxic. Our perfumes are made of natural substances.

You can use a 5V-1A charger, the same you usually use with smartphone. Geizeer USB cable can also be used with your smartphone to connect it to the PC and transfer the data.

It depends on the fan’s speed. At the low-level speed, battery life is about 5 hours; at the medium level it is about 4 hours and it is 3 hours when you use the device at the fastest speed level.

An ice pack has a lifetime higher then 2 years and during this period it can be reused infinitely.
No, Geizeer can’t cool home and it doesn’t have the same cooling capacity of an air conditioner. The cooling capacity varies according to many parameters like humidity, temperature, insulation of the room. Geizeer was born as personal ice cooling to be kept close by you, it has a 360 degress air flow with diameter larger than 1,20 meter. Once the ice pack is inserted, the refreshment’s feeling is much greater than a normal fan; moreover, it’s a beautiful piece of design in wood, made in Italy, and it can be used as furniture and air freshener during the whole year.
None, the difference is only in the design.