Innovation, Elegance, Ecology.

Geizeer Laccato Rosso - Ventilatore Ecologico e Diffusore di Profumo Italiano

Geizeer is the result of Italian craftsmanship excellence combined with ecological innovation.

This elegant wooden cube hides powerful cooling technology inside, capable of transforming the air around you into an oasis of coolness and comfort.

Geizeer ‘s design is a celebration of eco-sustainability and refined aesthetics, with high-quality metal finishes.

In addition to refreshing the environment, Geizeer also acts as a scent diffuser, enveloping spaces with delightful fragrances.

Geizeer Noce Scuro su Comodino d'Arredamento di Design

Made in Italy and totally eco-friendly, Geizeer is the perfect companion for those seeking harmony between beauty and sustainability in their daily lives. Discover our world and be captivated by Geizeer.

Easy to Use.

And now for all the details.

Turns on via magnetic contacts, safe in the presence of children and animals.

The grille is designed to optimize air intake.

Available in two versions: linear and parametric.

Geizeer red micro-usb cable detail

Charging via USB cable

The patented fan, greatly reduces noise and electricity consumption.

It also increases airflow efficiency and product life up to 100,000 hours of use.

The Switch allows 3 speeds to be set.

Rubber feet against unwanted slips and scratches.

Aluminum bottom to protect electronics.

Choose your style.

Geizeer is available in different colors to fit perfectly with any decor.

True Italian craftsmanship.

Each item is CNC machined from a solid block of wood before being finished and stained by hand. Each Geizeer is a unique piece with unique wood grain.

The entire process is carried out in accordance with centuries-old Italian craftsmanship tradition.

Plant a Tree with us.

Since 2016 we have been giving our clients a green gift.